Red Bull Formula Face Game Formula 1 Online With Facial Control

Red Bull has launched an online game in which control of Formula 1 cars only mimic face. You just need an internet connection and a webcam.

Red Bull has launched the first racing game that can only be accessed on the Internet which is controlled exclusively by facial control.

All you have to do to play Red Bull Formula is connect a webcam to the game, choose your favorite character and personalize it with your own picture. Subsequently, choose Formula 1 car, NASCAR or racing that you want to compete and position on the grid.

To maneuver the car on the track just tilt your head left or right, and if you get TurboBoost blink. The objective is to accumulate as many points depending on your style of driving and to overcome your rivals can turn to various extra facilities that offer more speed (a wing) or slow its opponents (and glue scissors stop them). Finally, you can distribute to your friends’ network Facebook photos with your facial expressions in the game.

"For the first time, you can control a game without special equipment or a console controller. All you need is your face and gestures normal, everything is related to social networking" Said Stefan Becker at Buzzin Monkey Company that developed the game for Red Bull.

It has already been tried and Sebastian Vettel can be accessed at Red Bull Formula. To play, you need plug-in Adobe Shockwave.


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