Drift Mania: A Car Game With The Android To Make Many Skids

Do all types of skids with this Android game called Drift Mania

Car Games to Android and there are many, but they are so exciting and require a special ability to drive and less. Drift Mania has been and remains one of the best titles for mobile, because as its name suggests, to do good skids will give us the win.

The thing is, Drift Mania offers several circuits, with lots of curves, where we have drifting master the art of or skids, to get points and get out of the driveway. The longer endured a Drift or less the lines that limit we tread the road, the better our score.

Of course, as an inducement will a number of cars and new circuits that can be unlocked if we finish the first race, but it's hard because you have to manage well the phone's accelerometer.


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